Macbeth? Fatebenesorelle Teatro

Macbeth? Study for
Presented in Italian     
Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Italy
October 7-8, 2016

Fatebenesorelle Teatro
Directed by Patricia Zanco/Daniela Mattiuzzi
Translation and Adaptation: Vitaliano Trevisan
with: Patricia Zanco, Francesca Botti, Beatrice Niero
Camera: Corrado Ceron
Costumes: Rossit Zaccaria Zanco
Scenes: Alberto Salvetti
Assistant: Mauro Zocchetta    

Also playing January 19, 2017, at the Teatro Comunale Vicenza                              

This show was designed as a site-specific staging of Macbeth, in the wardrobe of Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza. In this space the directors wanted to recreate the crudeness of the contemporary world in juxtaposition with the rich beauty of the Basilica itself. Their version of Macbeth, as they remark, stresses "the radicalism of evil of the human soul, which leads to deceit and folly, in a constant contrast between the supernatural and the deviant interpretation of reality."                     

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