Lear, 7 Stages Shakespeare

Presented in English   
Millspace, Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA
November 3-12, 2016

7 Stages Shakespeare                       
Directed by Dan Beaulieu
Lear: played by Deb Kinghorn

"What is identity based on when you strip everything else away? How do we identify inside all of our social and familial circles? How do we identify inside of ourselves?

ear is an exploration of one of Shakespeare's most daunting and famous texts, King Lear, combining the stylistic expression of the internationally renowned company Passion in Practice, New York Shakespeare Company and the "gritty, dirt on your knees Shakespeare" approach you've come to know and love from Seven Stages Shakespeare Company.

By exploring this play through the lens of Alzheimer's Disease, we hope to drive a dialogue about memory and legacy on a personal, communal and global level. 

Stripping the space to its bare bones, we'll explore one of Shakespeare's most daunting and famous texts-- the story of a family dealing with what they are all capable of in the face of inevitable loss and the power and beauty of forgiveness in those trying times.”

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Funding and Sponsorship:
Ralph E. Ogden Foundation
DTC Lawyers
Sage Point Financial