Lady Macbeth, South West Dance Theatre 

Lady Macbeth
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South West Dance Theatre     

This production moved Shakespeare's Macbeth into the present day and thrust Lady Macbeth into the spotlight. Combining ballet, street, contemporary dance, Latin, poetry, prose and British Sign language for the deaf, South West Dance Theatre retold the classic tale. In this version, it was Lady Macbeth who found her natural drive and motivations displaced, forfeiting virtue and honour for a more meteoric career.

South West Dance Theatre is a Bristol-based collective that promotes diversity in dance through eclectic home-grown choreography drawing on a range of styles from ballet and contemporary to street, jazz and Latin.  As well as performing to audiences in a range of venues from theatres to festivals, the company brings their fresh expressive dance theatre to a variety of subjects from the physics of light to Shakespeare. In April 2016, the company also led a Macbeth-inspired dance workshop for pupils at Elmfield School for Deaf.

2016 Tour:
June 5, 2016, as part of Bath Fringe
July 3, 2016, as part of the Bristol Shakespeare Festival

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