Lady M., Het Vijfde Bedrijf

Lady M.         
Presented in English and Dutch         

Shakespeare's play reimagined through the eyes of Lady Macbeth's chambermaid, annoyed at only having one short scene in Shakespeare's original.           

Het Vijfde Bedrijf (The Fifth Company)

Concept and Solo Performance: Annemarie de Bruijn
Script: Radna Diels
Dramaturgy and Stage Adaptation: Annechien Koerselman
Director: David Geysen
Translation: Marlous Long-Peterse
Sound Design: Carl Beukman
Costume: Jookie Zweedijk
Lighting Design: Irams and Indipro
Technique: Ramses Nieuwenhuizen and Jan-Harm Wagner
Photography: Arjen Born
Makeup: Bajram Gashi
Graphic Design: Fraumann
Business Leadership: Sarah de Bruijn

2016 Tour Dates and Locations:
September 13-14, 2016, International Experimental Theatre Festival, Shanghai, China

November 26, 2016, The Hague, Netherlands

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This solo performance is ideal for young people and school groups. The theatre offers performances to schools and can be done in conjunction with a workshop or after talk.

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Photo Credit: Susan Bennett, taken at Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival, September 2016.