King Lear/ Kung Lear, Uppsala stadsteater

King Lear / Kung Lear
Uppsala, Sweden
Swedish Uppsala City Theatre / Uppsala stadsteater (SE)
Main Stage / Stora Scenen

Length: 2 hours, 45 minutes (including intermission)

Premiere: January 23, 2016. Closing date: April 23, 2016.

Performance in Swedish

An aging King Lear is thrown into a labyrinth of despair and plight. Those around him vex and confuse him, and withdrawing from privileges prove to be more difficult than he could imagine. King Lear hands over his kingdom, but life changes – forever, and for everyone. "King Lear" is Linus Tunström's last direction as CEO and Artistic Director of Uppsala City Theatre. In June 2016, he concludes a nine-year tenure as the theatre's leader to embark on new projects.

“King Lear has been by my side in all of my life: a father, a teacher, a theatre director, a colleague or a husband.” Marie Göranzon, Kung Lear

“To enter the world of King Lear is like stepping out across an abyss of despair; Shakespeare’s drawing of humanity. Here is a story about fear and what happens when everything familiar around you changes, and you have to decide who you are and what you stand for.” Linus Tunström, director

By: William Shakespeare
Translation: Britt G Hallqvist
Adaptation: Armin Kerber
Director: Linus Tunström
Scenography/costumes: Bettina Meyer
Composer: Rikard Borggård
Dramaturgue: Armin Kerber, Lucia Cajchanova
Mask and wig: Per Åleskog
Lighting: Mats Öhlin
Cast: David Arnesen, Lolo Elwin, Göran Engman, Marie Göranzon, Claes Ljungmark, Ali‑Reza Modjallal, Crister Olsson, Mathias Olsson, Emelie Wallberg, Elisabeth Wernesjö

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Audience numbers: 8 000 tickets sold

Audience development and outreach of this performance:
In addition to general audiences, the production was introduced in youth outreach programming at the theatre, as well as in contact with Uppsala University, offering students in business administration at the university the opportunity to review the play based on organizational and management studies. Also, a panel discussion was held on the theme of the play King Lear, open to general audiences and broadcast live thru the local TV-channel 24UNT. Linus Tunström participated on the panel along with local and national leaders. The panel discussion was offered as part of the series "Civic talks about power", a series of panels thru the 15/16 season to lift up the theme of the theatre: to be inside/outside of power.