King Lear/As You Like It, Worcester Shakespeare Company    

King Lear / As You Like It    
Presented in English   
Whitinsville Mill Complex, Whitinsville, Massachusetts, USA, as part of the Worcester Shakespeare Festival                   
2016 Season

Worcester Shakespeare Company

As You Like It
"Lovers, fools, and comedy abound in As You Like It.  Duke Frederick has usurped his brother.  Orlando’s brother has set him up to die in a wrestling match.  But when Rosalind flees from her uncle’s court with her cousin in tow, things really get mixed up.  Dressed as a man, she instructs Orlando how to win her heart and encounters the old Duke and his court in the forest.  Justice, forgiveness, and love are sure to follow.  Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?"

King Lear
"Long considered one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, King Lear, presents a tale of injustice and betrayal.  Ready to retire, King Lear splits his kingdom between his daughters, promising the largest share to the one who loves him the most.  What follows tears the people closest to him, and the kingdom, apart." --blurbs from the company website     

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