Julius Caesar, Classics on the Rocks

Julius Caesar
Presented in English
The Alchemical Theatre Laboratoy, New York City, New York, USA
July 14-31, 2016

“It may seem that success is gained by ambition, passion, and dedication alone. This is not true. Its thought that removing a problem solves the problem. This is not true. In this cautionary tale of betrayal and faithfulness, we explore what happens when well-meaning people striving to create change forget the one thing that matters most... Trust.”—description form the Alchemical website

Classics on the Rocks at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory
William Downes, Director
John Kollmer, Fight Director
Samantha Ryel, Stage Manager
Sharon Stevens, Production Manager

Anna Lewein, Dylan Hale, Jessica Golden, Kata Stevens, Kate Dylan, London Griffith, Madeleine Saidenberg, Matthew Dean Wood, Monica Ammerman, Patrick Marran, Patrick Taaffe, Rachel Purcell, Sarah Oravetz, Steven Martin, Victoria Gomez

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