Julius Caesar & As You Like It, Hip to Hip Theatre Company

Julius Caesar & As You Like It
Presented in English
Parks around New York City and Southampton, NewYork, and Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
July 27-August 28, 2017

Julius Caesar:
“In this sensational political thriller, Shakespeare explores the tension between private loyalties and the public good, and unflinchingly questions the price of freedom. Caesar is determined to crown himself as Rome's first emperor, but a few senators, led by the idealistic, intellectual Brutus and his manipulative, rebellious friend Cassius, are prepared to sacrifice everything to liberate their country. Instead of being greeted as liberators, they are met with civil war.” –description from company website Press archives (Broadway World)

As You Like It:
“Shakespeare's sparkling comedy about love, family and identity is full of wit, music and gender-bending fun. The rightful duke and his supporters have been banished, while his impulsive daughter Rosalind remains at the mercy of the oppressive new regime. Comic twists and turns abound when Rosalind, disguised as a boy, flees the court to seek her father in the mysterious Forest of Arden. Her journey of self-discovery brings her face to face with Orlando, the man she loves.” –description from company website Press archives (Broadway World)

Each performance also offers a free 45-minute interactive children’s workshop before the show, as part of the Kids & the Classics project.

Hip to Hip Theatre Company/ Free Shakespeare in the Parks
Directed by: Joel Leffert
Costume Design (Julius Caesar): Nancy Nichols
Costume Design (As You Like It): Courtney Leigh Newman
Asstistant Director/Dramaturg: Adriana Alter
Production Stage Manager: Julian Olive
Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica Munoz
Set Design: Miguel Urbino
Sound Design and Op: Eric Tucker
Voice Director: Ron Carlos
Photography: Julian Voloj
Graphic Design: Christina Fasulas

Featuring: Chaunice Chapman*, Holly Chou, Erick Gonzalez*, Devin Haqq*, James Harter*, Joe Hetterly, Michael Hinton, Katie Holden, Kurt Kingsley*, Jason Marr*, Joy Marr*, Sabrina Marr, and Jackie Schram
*Denotes members of Actors’ Equity Association

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