Hamletmachine, Tmuna Theatre

Presented in Hebrew  

Tmuna Theatre, Israel

Performances include:
August 2, 2016, as part of the International Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk, Poland
September 29-October 1, 2016 as part of the Tmuna Festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Director: Nava Zuckerman
Based on Heiner Müller's Hamletmachine
Translated by: Doron Tavori
Adaptation and writing: Nava Zuckerman, Yael Dar
Texts from ‘Hamlet’ translated by: Dori Parnes
Music: Eyal Shehter, Tal Levi
Lighting: Yair Vardi
Set design: Ariel Tal Arbiv
Costumes: Liron Minkin
Musicians: Erez Daskal, Avner Toag, Snir Shahino
The poem ‘Children of the Age’ by Wisława Szymborska; Translated by: Rafi Weichert
Video: Yael Dar

Beni Eldar
Gil Alon
Einat Weizman
David Zeevi
Ricky Hayut

"When I approached Muller’s HamletMachine, I re-discovered Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Both were unrelenting. Shakespeare’s Hamlet finds himself on a journey to cleanse his house. The house his mother and uncle contaminated with murder, lies and manipulation in order to preserve the crown. Muller pummels the Shakespearean Hamlet for his naiveté, which hinders him from taking a clear stand or from taking action.

In HamletMachine, Muller dares to pull the Shakespearean Hamlet out of his era and plant him in his own time and place (Eastern Germany). He expresses, through the classical Hamlet’s voice, his emotions and opinions on the society and times in which he lives.

I found myself facing two different voices, Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Muller’s Hamlet. Inspired by Muller, I went searching for the Hamlet of my own time and place.

I was Hamlet, says Muller. I’m from the Hamlets, wrote I. And Ophelia? She doesn’t fall into the water. She stays around to watch over the pulse of the world." -Director, Nava Zuckerman           

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