Hamlet, Teater Jaguar

Presented in Swedish
Gotebörg, Sweden

Video trailer by Leo Karlsson

Teater Jaguar
Length: ca 50 minutes

Hamlet's father has been murdered. His mother has remarried his uncle. Hamlet's friends are slipping away from him. Ophelia, his love, doesn’t understand him.
Tough life!

In the hands of Lasse Beischer (123 Schtunk) and Teater Jaguar, the play Hamlet becomes an illustrated classic, filled with love and humour. Rapidly moving with the laughter close at hand, the play takes us 400 years back to an exciting family intrigue. An unexpected father, the murder of a king and mad love!

Written by: William Shakespeare
Actors: Emil Klingvall, Frida Sundström, Louise Juliusson and Torben Sigelius Kulin
Director: Lasse Beischer
Script: Ensemblen efter William Shakespeare's orginalmanus
llustration, Set and costume designer: Thomas Påhlsson
Translation: Carl August Hagberg
Producer: Naemi Pebaqué

Premiere: 21 February 2015. Played on our own stage and on tour since then and still plays on tour around the country through 2016/2017. Tour dates on our website: http://www.teaterjaguar.se/aktuellt/hamlet-24592214

Funding and Sponsors:
Göteborgs Stad, Statens Kulturråd and Medborgarskolan.

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Photo by Henri Kokko