Hamlet, Teatro UNAM

Presented in Spanish  
June 6- June 19, 2016
Foro Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz at the University Cultural Center, Mexico City, Mexico

Flavio Gonzalez Mello’s adaptation of Hamlet is a contemporary production that preserves the original Shakespearean plot, but situates the story within the current Mexican social context. The performance took place at the Sor Juana Forum as a part of global programme of events and activities destined to celebrate William Shakespeare’s work on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death.

Name of Company: Teatro UNAM

Creative Team:
Adapted and Directed by: Flavio Gonzalez Mello
Scenography and Costumes Design: Mario Marin del Rio
Stage Lighting: Matias Gorlero
Characterization: Amanda Schmelz
Music and Sound Design: Eduardo Gamboa
Stage Combat: Americo del Rio and Jose Carriedo EMCE
Assistant Director: Xesar Tena
Stage Lighting Assistance: Felix Arroyo
Scenography and Costumes Design Assistance: Nallely Rangel and Rodrigo Sosa
Fortinbras and Captain Costume Design: Jerildy Bosch
Hairdressing Assistance: Margarita de Medina
Theatrical Scenery Production: Antonio Perez/ Constructores Escenicos
Costume Production: Israel Ayala and Rodrigo Alvarez

Pedro de Tavira Egurrola - Hamlet
Jorge Ávalos - King Claudius and Ghost of Hamlet's Father
Emilio Guerrero - Polonius, Priest
María Isabel Benet - Queen Gertrude
Diego Garza - Laertes, Priest, actor Reina
Raúl Briones - Gravedigger 1, Horatio, Cornelius, Rosencrantz, Captain, Lucianus Omar Medina - Gravedigger 2, Marcellus, Voltimand, Guildenstern, the First Actor, Actor Rey, Fortinbras, Sailor, Osric
Sofia Sylwin- Ophelia and English Ambassador                        

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Hamlet took place at the Sor Juana Forum, a space capable of accommodating no more than fifty-five theatregoers. Just as in a Renaissance-era theatre, the Mexican spectators were sitting in close proximity to the stage and were as visible as the actors, who were forced to address the members of the audience directly rather than delivering their dialogues and soliloquies into the infinite darkness that characterizes modern dramatic settings. In this way González Mello’s audience, mainly consisting of university students, had the opportunity to get actively involved in what they were witnessing as well as enjoying the collective experience that emerged from such an engagement.     

This production was previously performed in 2015.

Funding and Sponsorship:
Teatro UNAM
Erizo Teatro
Shakespeare Lives in 2016
The British Council in Mexico
GREAT Britain     

Images and video: UNAM