Hamlet (햄릿), Sinsi Company

Hamlet (햄릿)
Presented in Korean   
Daloreum Theater, National Theater of Korea, Seoul, South Korea
July 12- August 7, 2016

Sinsi Company

Director: Jin-chaek Sohn
Adaptor: Sam-shik Bae
Stage Designer: Dong-woo Park
Lighting Designer: Chang-gi Kim
Costume Designer: Young-jin Kim
Make-up: You-sun Kim
Music: Jae-il Jung
Sound: Gi-young Kim
Props: Sang-hee Kim
Dramaturg: Cheol-ho Park
Choreographer: Eun-mi Ahn
Producer: Myeong-sung Park

Hamlet: In-chon You
Claudius: Dong-hwan Jung
Gertrude: Sook Sohn
Polonius: Jung-ja Park
Ophelia: Suk-hwa Youn
Horatio: Sung-nyeo Kim
Rosencrantz: Bong-sook Sohn
Gravedigger: Myeong-gu Hahn                                 

Director Jin-chaek Sohn cast famous actors and actresses in their 60s and 70s for all roles. These legendary old players showed the essence of classical acting. When the backdrop was opened after Hamlet's death, it revealed that there was a real auditorium behind the backdrop, and that the present auditorium was part of the stage. All of the actors and actresses slowly exited toward the auditorium carrying the ritual vessels positioned at the front edge of the stage. This play was not only about Hamlet, but also a kind of farewell ritual for the great old actors and actresses approaching their exit time.  

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Review by Il-jung Kang

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SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System)