Hamlet, Shakespeare on the Sound

Presented in English
Pinkney Park, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
June 16- July 3, 2016

A production of Hamlet directed by Claire Kelly. A 30-minute “Hamlet for Kids” performance also shown daily, during the performance run, except for Mondays.

Shakespeare on the Sound
Directed by Claire Shannon Kelly
Scenic Design: Brian Prather
Costume Design: Grier Coleman
Lighting Design: Jamie Roderick

Bonnie Antosh: Rosencrantz/Marcellus
Justin Cunningham: Ghost/Gravedigger
Wynn Harmon: Polonius
James Hesse: Horatio
Simone Moore: Gertrude
John Pasha: Claudius
Haley Robinson: Ophelia
Joey Santia: Hamlet
Alexander Shaw: Laertes
Scott Watson: Guildenstern/Osric
Isaac Beauchamp: Fortinbras/Priest/Lucianus/Francisco/Voltemand
Meghan Grover: Barnardo/Player Queen/others

“Shakespeare on the Sound is committed to producing affordable, professional open-air productions of the plays of William Shakespeare and related authors in Fairfield County.  Working in collaboration with area civic, business and educational institutions, Shakespeare on the Sound presents an annual theatre festival, which brings great dramatic works to a broad audience, creating a forum for learning, appreciation and celebration.  Our Educational programming goal is to build community through the arts, giving the works of Shakespeare a vibrant life beyond the summer festival with a variety of school, library, adult education, and art programs as a means to reach a diverse cross-section of people of all ages and economic backgrounds.” –blurb from the Shakespeare on the Sound website

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