Hamlet, Shakespeare by the Bow

Presented in English   
Prince's Island Park amphitheatre/St. Patrick’s Island, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
June 21-August 21, 2016

Shakespeare by the Bow (put on by Theatre Calgary)

Cast (Alphabetically by Last Name):
Horatio: Keshia Cheesman
Ophelia: Bradley Doré
Ensemble: Ryan Gray
Gertrude: Onika Henry
Ensemble: Vanessa Jetté
Rosencrantz/Guildenstern: Jesselle Laurén
Laertes: Brynn Linsey
Claudius: Stuart McDougall
Rosencrantz/Guildenstern: Bianca Miranda
Ensemble: Joe Semenoff
Hamlet: Natasha Alexandra Strickey
Ensemble: Nick Wensrich
Polonius: Greg Wilson

Director: Kate Newby
Script Adaptor: Shari Wattling
Program Director: Haysam Kadri
Costume & Props Designer: Deitra Kalyn
Sound Designer: Andrew Blizzard
Scenic Designer: Cameron Porteous
Fight Director: Karl H. Sine
Text Coach: Terry Tweed
Vocal Coach: Jane MacFarlane
Stage Manager: Carissa Sams
Rehearsal ASM: Graham Kingsley    

This is an Open-air, abridged (90 minute) version of Shakespeare's tragedy. The performance played at Prince’s Island Park Amphitheatre, except July 19-24 when performances were held on St. Patrick's Island at a variety of locations, where the audience followed action to different sites.            

Funding and Sponsorship:
Royal Bank of Canada Emerging Artists Project
Strategic Group (property management and development company) 

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