Hamlet, Prism Theatre Society

Presented in Hindi (Modern and Literary) and some English
December 18, 2016    
Shri Ram Centre, Delhi, India

Hamlet returns to his hometown to find his father dead in a mysterious accident, and his uncle both married to his mother and the unopposed chief of everything his father once held. Before long he sees a vengeful spirit urging him to take revenge. Witness Hamlet's journey into madness, moral dilemma and chaos as he tries reclaiming what's rightfully his.

This adaptation contemporizes the plot, characters and language of Hamlet. It uses a modern Hindi prose diction interspersed with verse translations of the soliloquies and some English phrases. The effect is like Bollywood.

Prism Theatre Society
Direction and Design: Jatin Sarna
Cast: Mehrin Saba, Harshit Tyagi, Tanu Suneja, Chandan Tiwari, Ankur Tiwari, Sachin Rastogi, Asif Ali, Abhijeet Verma, Udit Verma, Mohit Tripathi, Priyanka Sharma, Jatin Sarna, Susheel Sharma, Hurmat Ali Khan, Deepika Chauhan, Raj Tanvar, Raja Sharma, Shashi Kant Vats, Akhilesh Singh, Amit Kumar and Pawan.                    

Funding and Sponsorship:
Harfaar Foundation