Hamlet, Present Company

Presented in English   
The Amity Building, Bryan, TX, United States
April 2, 2016 (and on tour)

Present Company (Austin, TX)
Directed by Stephanie Carll
Featuring: Joseph Garlock, Judd Farris, Amber Quick, Samuel Grimes, Trevor Bissell, Hannah Adrian, and Reagan Tankersly
Original accordion compositions performed live by Clif Tipton
Lighting Design by Patrick Anthony
Costumes by Emily Gilardi and Liza Feldkamp
Fight Choreography by Joseph Garlock
Stage Managed by Emily Rankin and Lindsay Scarbrough                           

Funding and Sponsorship:
The Texas A&M Department of English
The John H. and Sarah H. Lindsey Chair in Liberal Arts at Texas A&M
The World Shakespeare Bibliography
The City of Austin Cultural Arts Division
The Austin Creative Alliance
Eastside Lumber & Decking
Miller Blueprint
Lumber Tintype          

This production was part of the events sponsored by Texas A&M University (College Station, TX) during the "First Folio: The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare" traveling exhibition. 7 actors. 28 characters. 5 flashlights. Hundreds of lightbulbs. A play-within-a-play. Fratricide. Insanity. Revenge. Comedy. (Yes, comedy!) And an accordion.



This performance is also touring around Texas. April 22- May 9, 2016 at the Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX.