Hamlet, Globe to Globe Tour

Globe to Globe Hamlet Tour  
Presented in English

A two-year tour of Shakespeare’s most famous play to 197 countries in 202 venues across the world.

John Dougall (Claudius & Polonius)
Phoebe Fildes (Ophelia/Gertrude/Horatio/Rosencrantz)
Naeem Hayat (Hamlet)
Tom Lawrence (Horatio/Rosencrantz; Laertes/Guildenstern)
Rawiri Paratene (Claudius & Polonius)
Amanda Wilkin (Ophelia/Gertrude/Horatio/Rosencrantz)
Ladi Emeruwa (Hamlet)
Miranda Foster (Gertrude)
Beruce Kha (Horatio/Rosencrantz; Laertes/Guildenstern)
Jennifer Leong (Ophelia/Horatio/Rosencrantz)
Matthew Romain (Horatio/Rosencrantz; Laertes/Guildenstern, Hamlet)
Keith Bartlett (Claudius/Polonius)

Creative Team:
Director: Dominic Dromgoole
Director: Bill Buckhurst
Designer: Jonathan Fensom
Composer / Music Director: Bill Barclay
Original Music: Laura Forrest-Hay

Tour Dates and Locations:

2nd January
Dublin, Ireland: Smock Alley Theatre

4th January
Beirut, Lebanon: Hotel Al Bustan, Emile Bustani Auditorium

6th January
Kuwait City, Kuwait: American United School Auditorium

9th January
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

11th January
Manama, Bahrain: Cultural Hall

13th January
Doha, Qatar: Al Rayyan Theatre Auditorium

16th January
Obock, Yemen: Refugee Camp Makazi (Djibouti)

18th January
N’Djamena, Chad: Theatre Maoundoh-Culture

22nd January
Port Louis, Mauritius: Mahatma Gandhi Institute Auditorium

25th January
Antananarivo, Madagascar: Dome RTA

27th January
Moroni, Comoros: Alliance Francaise de Moroni

31st January
Mahe Island, Seychelles: University of Seychelles

3rd February
Calais, France

5th February
Paris, France

8th February
Sliema, Malta

11th February
Brussels, Belgium

27th February
Athens, Greece

4th March

7th March
Monrovia, Liberia

9th March
Freetown, Sierra Leone

12th March
Conakry, Guinea

14th March
Rabat, Morocco

16th March

18th March
Schaan, Liechtenstein

19th March
Geneva, Switzerland

1st April
Lahore, Pakistan

7th April
Teheran, Iran

12th April
San Marino

13th April
Vatican City

16th April
Trieste, Italy

17th April
Ljubljana, Slovenia

19th April
Carnuntum, Austria

21st April
Elsinore, Denmark

23rd-24th April
Shakespeare’s Globe, London, UK        

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Adopt an Actor Interviews:

Hamlet, played by Naeem Hyat

Ophelia/Gertrude/Horatio/Rosencrantz played by Pheobe Fildes

Audience Reactions to final shows:


Forthcoming publications:

Malcolm Cox and Penelope Woods, Guilty Creatures: Audiences for the G2G World Hamlet Tour (Forthcoming)

Malcolm Cox, Reenacting Hamlet in Southern Africa' in Shakespeare & Social Justice, ed. David Ruiter (Forthcoming, Cambridge University Press).

Audience Surveys:

Audience members in each of the 197 countries were asked to fill out surveys about their experience of the play. The different reactions across the Globe will be used as the basis for Dr. Malcolm Cocks’ upcoming book. You can see the survey and find out more about the research here:


Intercultural Performance Symposium:

On April 22, 2016, two days before the tour’s final performance, a symposium on intercultural performance was held at the Globe with keynote lectures and panel discussions ranging from Hamlet in India to Romeo and Juliet in 21-st century China.

Funding and Sponsorship:
Funded by Shakespeare's Globe and private donation