Hamlet Get Out of My Head, هاملت اخرج من رأسي

Hamlet Get Out of My Head, هاملت اخرج من رأسي
Presented in Arabic    
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in Coral Beach Resort Theater, 2016

The play is a monodrama depicting the conflict experienced by a minor character when the producer of the play plays the roles of the playwright, the director and the producer. The single character reflects on both his love of Hamlet and his aspiration to play Hamlet. Due to his personal, social and cultural circumstances, the dream of playing Hamlet diminishes. He visualizes an encounter with Hamlet, the character.

Ministry of Culture and Information, Saudi Arabia
Playwright: Fahad al Hoshani
Actor: Khalid al Harbi
Director: Subhi Yousif
Music: Ahmad Sulaiman
Lighting: Bandar abdul Fattah

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Funding and Sponsorship:
Ministry of Culture and Information

Performed previously in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the Riyadh Cultural and Literary Club, 2014; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the Riyadh International Book Fair, 2014; Alexandria, Egypt in the “Theater without Production” Festival, Beram el Tonsy Theater, 2014; and Hail, Saudi Arabia in Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Cultural Centre, 2015.

In 2016, this performance has been touring in Jeddah, the Western Coast in Saudi Arabia. There are further arrangements to stage it in more cities in Saudi Arabia.