The Original Full Text, HAMLET (완전 무삭제 공연, 햄릿), ESTC

The Original Full Text, HAMLET (완전 무삭제 공연, 햄릿)
Presented in Korean   
September 21, 2016 - October 2, 2016
Elim Hall, Seoul, South Korea

Eurasia Shakespeare Theatre Company
Producer/Translator/Director – Nam, Yook Hyon (남육현)
Assistant Director – Kyeong, Jeong Ho/Lee, Do Hyub (경정호/이도협)

Claudius/Ghost – Yang, Hyoung Ho (양형호)
Cornelius/Grave-digger 1 – Joung, Young Shin (정영신)
Voltemand/Player King – Kuk, Chun Ho (국춘호)
Gertrude – Han, Rok Su (한록수)
Polonius – Oh, Chul Keun (오철근)
Laertes – Uhm, Hyun Ho (엄현호)
Marcelus/Priest – Park, Jo Won (박조원)
Guildentern/Lord – Chung, Sung Hoon (정성훈)
Horatio – Byeon, Do Jun (변도준)
Hamlet – Oh, Joon Ho (오준호)
Lucianus/Fortinbras – Jeon, Jeong Uk (전정욱)
Francisco/Grave-digger 2 – Lee, Won Ho (이원호)
Rosencrants/Soldier – Kim, Young Hyuk (김영혁)
1 Player Queen/Celina(Reynaldo) – Im, Jeong A (임정아)
2 Player Queen/Celina(Reynaldo) – Song, Eun Jung (송은정)
Ophelia/Sharif(Osric) – Park, Ju Hyun (박주현) 
Messenger – Lee, Shi Eun (이시언)
Gentleman – Choi, Min Seok (최민석)

This is a Korean premiere of the complete Hamlet text, uncut, with a running time of 6 hours (from 4pm to 10 pm) including the intermission for an evening meal, staged by Eurasia Shakespeare Theatre Company (ESTC). ESTC, solely devoted to performing Shakespeare’s plays since 2002, aims to stage all 39 works in Korea. This Hamlet is the 17th play produced by ESTC as a celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. ESTC’s previous productions include 14 Korean premieres of Shakespeare’s plays.                       

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