Hamlet, de los Andes, Teatro de los Andes

Hamlet, of the Andes/Hamlet, de los Andes  
Presented in Spanish, with subtitles in various languages      
Touring 2016:
September 3, 2016, Sucre, Bolivia
September 30, October 1, and October 2, in Santiago de Chile at la Universidad Finis Terrae.
October 12, 14 and 15 in Toronto, as part of the RUTAS festival.

Teatro de los Andes
Cast: Alice Guimaraes, Gonzalo Callejas, Lucas Achirico, Helder Rivera     

Original Premiere: January 20, 2012  

Performed previously in: Sucre, La Paz, Santa Cruz (Bolivia), Salvador de Bahia, Santos, Londrina (Brazil), Manizales (Colombia), Manta, Guayaquil (Ecuador), Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, San Juan (Argentina), Lima (Peru), Havana (Cuba), Cadiz, Sevilla, Molina de Segura, Almagro, Pamplona, Valladolid, Santander (Spain), London (United Kingdom), Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Bonn (Germany), Bayonne (France), Hobart, Burnie (Tasmania, Australia), Toronto (Canada).              

Hamlet, de los Andes is a free adaptation of The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare. This take on Hamlet is a Bolivian one, drawn from a distinct reading by the company and the director. They have contextualized the play in the struggle and uncertainty of trying to reconcile a modern world with an ancient tradition, and restructured the play in an abridged version, relying on just three actors and one musician. The storyline and the events have been simplified and the characters reduced. Their Hamlet is a modern day man who has lost his self-awareness. He faces the impossibility of recognizing and coming to terms with himself after the fall. Who is Hamlet? Is it me or is it you? Is Hamlet the Teatro de los Andes itself? Is it the most recent bit of Bolivian history? By means of a proposal packed with metaphors and intertextuality, Teatro de Los Andes’ Hamlet experiences the uprising of the being, of art, of the homeland, of the world. 

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Photography by Sandra Zea (above)

Photography by Guy Labadens (above)

Photography by Alejandro Valbuena (above, left) and Valentino Saldivar (above, right)