Hamlet, Daugavpils Theatre

Hamlet, Daugavpils Theatre
Presented in Russian (Boris Pasternak's translation) 
Daugavpils Theatre, Daugavpils, Latvia
Opening night: May 13, 2016

Director: Lucina Sosnovska (Poland)
Set and costumes: Agneszka Kapacka, Maciej Wladislaw Chorazy (Poland)
Composer: Bartoez Dziadosz (Poland)   

Hamlet: Juri Diakonov
Claudius: Mihail Samodahov
Polonius: Juri Losev
Ophelia: Jelena Netiosina                               

The present staging of Hamlet is carried out in Daugavpils theatre which consists of two companies working simultaneously in Latvian and Russian. The performance is heavily based on Hamlet's inner struggle with his attempts and motivations, doubts, and confusion about the contemporary world. This focus challenges the subjectivity of all other characters in relation to Hamlet, as they almost have no independent existence. The staging is created by an international team, Polish, Russian and Latvian.           

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