Gary Busey’s One-Man Hamlet as Performed by David Carl

Gary Busey’s One-Man Hamlet as Performed by David Carl
Presented in English
March 5-May 14, 2016

“Having triumphed in Celebrity Big Brother, survived Dancing with the Stars, and battled with Meatloaf and Donald Trump, Keanu Reeves' favorite co-star takes on his biggest challenge yet: proving that he still has the ‘acting chops’ by performing all the parts in Hamlet with songs, multimedia and home-made puppets in his own personal tribute to the 2016 global Shakespeare 400 Celebrations.

Switching between beat poet narrator, puppeteer, singer, and action-movie director, Gary Busey (as imagined by David Carl) plays each scene in the style he feels appropriate. This mix of high and low-brow comedy celebrates Shakespeare’s play by proving it is still relevant, applicable and moving in the jaded, celebrity-crazy, meme-obsessed world that we (and David Carl) live in.” –from the company press release

Co-Creator + Director: Michole Biancosino
Co-Creator + Writer + Performer: David Carl

2016 Tour Locations:
Chicago Shakespeare Theater
The PIT Loft, NYC (4-month run)
Virginia Stamford Theater, Birmingham, Alabama

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