Forum Theatre Performance, Catford

Forum Theatre Performance
Performed in English
Broadway Theatre, Catford, London
March 17, 2016                      

Lewisham Youth Theatre                   

"Responding to the themes in Shakespeare’s Hamlet – but firmly set in modern-day Lewisham – LYT’s latest forum theatre play deals with difficult choices facing young people today. Created and performed by LYT’s Young Touring Company – a group of five creative trainees aged 16-24 – this interactive performance gives the audience a chance to make a better choice for the characters."

An interactive performance created by young actors from Lewisham Youth Theatre, a group based at the Broadway Theatre, Catford. Lewisham Youth Theatre is a registered charity funded by multiple sponsors. This is a free event for young people, presented as a part of Catford-upon-Avon Festival.

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