Dying to Succeed, Yuki Ellias

Dying to Succeed       
Presented in English, Hindi, and with snatches of Marathi    
Touring Nationally in India

Yuki Ellias, Solo Performer   
Written by Saudamini Kalra and Yuki Ellias

Information on Tour Locations and Dates:
December 3, 2016, at the auditorium of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts, New Delhi, India, as part of the Asian Shakespeare Association Conference

Performed several times during 2016. Other locations variously, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

Funding and Sponsorship:
Prakriti Foundation (for December 3, 2016 performance)        

Dying to Succeed is a whacky show about Shakespeare's iconic characters in today's corporate world. Iago is bitter as Othello doesn't give him the promotion he thinks he deserves; Macbeth is eyeing the CEO's office; and Portia multi-tasks and multi-roles her way around the glass ceiling. Guest appearances by Lady Macbeth, Cordelia, Romeo and Juliet...with a little help from the audience! This is a solo theatre, stand-up and audience interactive performance.

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Images included with permission from Dr. Poonam Trivedi