Dramaten firar Shakespeare (Dramaten Celebrates Shakespeare)

Dramaten firar Shakespeare (Dramaten Celebrates Shakespeare)      
Presented in Swedish
Dramaten (Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden)     
March to June

To celebrate the Shakespeare jubilee, Dramaten organises a LARP (Live Action Role Play) called Gertrudes hen where 200 participants will explore the prelude to Hamlet: What happens after Hamlet’s father is killed and before Gertrude marries the murderer?

The jubilee is also celebrated at Dramaten throughout the spring with a special dinner, a quiz-night and other events.         

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Details about the Gertrudes hen LARP (translation from the above website):

Created by: Jesper Berglund and Christopher Sandberg
Costume creation assisted by: Acclaimed fashion designer Bea Szenfeld

Gertrudes hen is inspired by William Shakespeare's Hamlet and is an original prelude to the classic tragedy. In the center stands Hamlet's mother, Queen Gertrude, who are in a special time in their lives, a window of freedom. She is the widow of the king of Denmark, whose funeral had just taken place, and she has not yet married his brother Claudius.

In Gertrudes hen taking drama visitor leap from being a passive audience into active co-creators. There are three levels of participation: guest roles, key roles and hovroller. The former involved in the bachelorette party and interact with the other participants, while the latter two categories receive more detailed instructions and more responsibility to bring the drama forward. There are also a small number of theatrical roles, with characters from Hamlet , inter alia, played by Dramatic Actor. These include Gertrude, Claudius and Prince Hamlet.

LARP held in various locations in Royal Dramatic Theatre's main building, as the main stage, and to some extent outside nearby.”