Double Falsehood, Letter of Marque Theater Company

Double Falsehood
Presented in English
Irondale Center, New York, USA
Previews start: March 5, 2016
March 12-April 9, 2016

“Written in 1727 and based off of original Shakespearean manuscripts, Double Falsehood is a layered exploration of honor, rape, discourse, dishonesty, promises and love. The classical text follows the form of a standard 5 act Shakespearean comedy, surfeit with cross-dressing, anguished lovers, foibled fathers, heroic royalty and privy (yet silent) citizenry. It is a smart and scathing contrivance that demands dialogue around why, in nearly 300 years, our society continues to deal in violence, blame and victimization.

The three phase project is designed to spark a conversation and incite a change in our society as a whole.” –description from the company website

Letter of Marque Theater Company
Written by William Shakespeare, John Fletcher and Lewis Theobald
Directed by Andrew Borthwick-Leslie

Set and props by Steven Brenman.
Costumes by Claire Townsend
Lighting by Joe Doran
Music direction by Nolan Kennedy
Fight direction by Michael C. Toomey
Dramaturgy by Lynde Rosario
Art installation by Jared Deery

Cast: Ariel Estrada (Don Bernardo), Tom Giordano (Camillo), Adam Huff (Henriquez), Nolan Kennedy (The Duke/Master of the Flock), Montana Lampert Hoover (Leonora), Zach Libresco (Julio), Poppy Liu (Violante), Scarlet Maressa Rivera (Citizen/Gerald), and Welland H. Scripps (Roderick)

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