Coriolanus (코리올라너스), Sangsangmanbal 

Coriolanus (코리올라너스)  
Presented in Korean   
CJ Azit Daehakro, Seoul, South Korea
October 18—October 30, 2016

Theatre Company: Sangsangmanbal

Producer: Si-on Lee
Director: Hae-sung Park
Stage & Lighting Design: Hyeong-yeon Kim
Video & Sound: Min-cheol Youn
Costume: Sang-kyoeng Jo
Make-up: Ji-yeon Lee
Stage Director: Han-se Jang
Photographer: Woo-je Jang

Volumnia: Myung-ju Kang
Martius: Jung-do Huh
Menenius: An-jin Shin
Sicinius: Myung-kyun Sun
Brutus: Yo-han Choi
Aufidius: Hun-man Kim
Adrian: Byeon-hyo Joon
Titus: Hyeon Kim

By broadcasting the actors and the audience live on the big screen which was set up around the stage, the production tried to connect the social and political issues of South Korea with those of the original play.  

Selected Resources:

Interview with Director Hae-sung Park

Review by Jung-gi Park

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Funding and Sponsorship:
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Arts Council Korea