Changgeuk Lady Macbeth (창극 레이디 맥베스), National Gugak Center    

Changgeuk Lady Macbeth (창극 레이디 맥베스)    
Presented in Korean   
Umyeondang Theater, National Gugak Center, Seoul, South Korea  
December 21-December 30, 2016

National Gugak Center

Producer: Hae-sook Kim
Director: Tae-sook Han
Composer: Sung-won Gye
Stage Design: Tae-sub Lee
Lighting: Changgi Kim
Costume: Gu-ho Jung
Make-up: Ji-young Paek
Choreographer: Young-min Sohn
Stage Director: Seung-yong Han
Video: Hyeon-jun Ahn
Object Artist: Hun-gi Lee

Macbeth/ Doctor: Dong-hwan Jung
Lady Macbeth: Eun-hye Jung
Singer: Kyeong-ae Yeom
Song Assistant: Jin-hee Park
Servant 1: Kyeom-min Kwon
Servant 2: Hyeong-hun Lee

Gayageum (traditional Korean instrument with 12 strings) Player: Ji-ye Lee
Piri (traditional Korean pipe) Player: Eun-kyeong Ahn
Percussion Player: Young-nam Hwang
Contrabass Player: Dong-sung Shin

This performance reconstructs the original play to center on Lady Macbeth, who is suffering from the consciousness of guilt. The Doctor hypnotizes Lady Macbeth to face this overpowering guilt. Lady Macbeth is directed by Tae-sook Han, which has been continually performed since the 1998 premiere, was at this time recreated as a Pansori version. Pansori is a Korean traditional opera like Peking opera of China. Eun-hye Jung, a prima donna of Pansori, performed the role of Lady Macbeth. 

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Review by Tae-hyeong Song