Love's Labour's Lost, Carving in Ice Theatre Company

The first Shakespeare production to be put on by Carving Ice Theatre.

“A King & his 3 best friends swear off women for three years. What will happen when a Princess & her 3 best friends comes to visit? Can the men possibly resist the women? Will the women ever accept the vows of foolish men?

Shakespeare’s seldom performed romcom takes us to the Kingdom of Navarre where the quest to be in love, & speak from your true heart is marked by flirting, fooling, hunting & composing love poems. Along the way expect some 'sudden breakings-out of mirth' and the longest word in English 'honorificabilitudinitatibus'.” – Carving Ice website

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Love’s Labour’s Lost, Willamette Shakespeare  

"Willamette Shakespeare's mission is to produce and perform quality classical theatre, free of charge, for the purpose of education, enrichment, and entertainment to residents of and visitors to Oregon's Willamette Valley. Our shows tour multiple communities in our region, creating a family-friendly environment, and aiming to reach a broad audience of both seasoned fans of theatre and newcomers. While Willamette Shakespeare does not restrict itself to a particular genre or style of production, the company strives to create theatre that is accessible to contemporary audiences while honoring the rich history of classical theatre performance."

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Love's Labour's Lost, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

"In Love’s Labour’s Lost, friendship and loyalty amongst four young men and four young women are put to the test when romantic youthful notions of love encounter the challenges of adulthood. A high-spirited romantic comedy filled with dazzling wordplay, strong comic characters and a few unexpected twists, Love's Labour's Lost both charms and touches the heartstrings of young and old alike.

Love’s Labour’s Lost for me is about growing up, about leaving behind adolescent attitudes towards love and gaining an understanding of the power and responsibility of loving another person,” says Maler. “Though it’s an early play, it has terrific language and indelible characters. Many of the themes, characters and situations in the play are explored in Shakespeare’s later plays, so you get to see the young Shakespeare at work in Love’s Labour’s Lost. The play for me became an anchor for the 2016 season, "Love On The Rocks", as we explore refractions and reflections on the enigmatic, magical and effervescent mystery of love.”

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Love's Labour's Lost, Seattle Shakespeare Company 

The idealistic resolve of four young men gets tested by four young ladies who show up at their doorstep.  The King and his friends vow to abstain from women’s company for three years. They plan to devote their time to academics. The Princess of France and her ladies arrive for a visit just as the vows leave the men’s lips. It’s will against want and heart against head in this delightful summer romance.

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A Winter's Tale, The Willow Globe Company

Shakespeare's late romance, The Winter's Tale (a tale of jealous furies, an abandoned baby, a sheep shearing feast and a bear) was performed in The Willow Globe (Y Glôb Byw), a scaled down, living version of the Globe in London (a third of its size in diameter) in Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales. Its Artistic Directors Phil Bowen and Sue Best believe it is one of the largest willow constructions in the country and probably the only one in use as a theatre in the world.

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Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare

“A salt and pepper pot for the king and queen. A vase for the prince. A matchbox for the servant. A toilet roll tube for the Innkeeper. A water bottle for the messenger.

In Complete Works six performers create condensed versions of each and every Shakespeare play, comically and intimately retelling them, using a collection of everyday objects as stand-ins for the characters on the one-metre stage of an ordinary table top."

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