Breath of Kings - Redemption, Stratford, Canada

Breath of Kings - Redemption          
May 31-September 24, 2016
(Opens June 22)
Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Tom Patterson Theatre          
Performed in English

Part two of a "fast-paced new distillation" of Shakespeare's Henriad. Can victory abroad resolve crisis at home? Henry IV and his charismatic son, Henry V, are the major players in this second of two new distillations of Shakespeare’s great dramas of kingship. Enjoy this epic drama on its own – or discover its exciting prequel in Breath of Kings: Rebellion.

The theatre has regularly scheduled "forums," throughout the run. These range from discussion panels, to tours, to hands-on workshops, and presentations. Most are on site. For this production, the subjects are:  "Behind the Scenes - TPT" on June 17th, "The Sublime Power of Conversion" on June 28th, and "Ideas at Stratford: The Challenge of History" on August 6th. The aim to create discussion and conversation in the community about the festival's season and to encourage the spread of information and education.

Conceiver, Adaptor and Associate director: Graham Abbey
Director: Mitchell Cushman
Director: Weyni Mengesha
Set designer: Anahita Dehbonehie
Costume designer: Yannik Larivee
Lighting designer: Kimberly Purtell
Composer and sound director: Debashis Sinha
Fight director: John Stead
Assistant director Peter Pasyk
Assistant costume designer: Caitlin Luxford
Assistant costume designer: Francesca Callow
Assistant lighting Designer C.J. Astronomo
Associate fight director: Geoff Scovell
Stage Manager: Maxwell T. Wilson
Assistant stage manager: Katherine Arcus
Assistant stage manager: Zeph Williams
Apprentice stage manager: Gregory McLaughlin
Production stage manager: Judy Farthing
Production stage manager: Janine Ralph        

Funding and Sponsorship:
Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, BMO Financial Group, The Brian Linehan Charitable Foundation, Martie & Bob Sachs, Richard Rooney & Laura Dinner.                       

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