Breath of Kings - Rebellion, Stratford, Canada

Breath of Kings - Rebellion   
May 30-September 24, 2016
(Opens June 22)
Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Tom Patterson Theatre
Performed in English

Part one of a "fast-paced new distillation" of Shakespeare's Henriad. Lust for power leads to political turmoil in this fast-paced new distillation of Shakespeare’s epic histories of a nation and its rulers – their lives, their battles and their deaths. Enjoy this epic drama on its own – or follow its exciting sequel in Breath of Kings: Redemption.

The theatre has regularly scheduled "forums," throughout the run. These range from discussion panels, to tours, to hands-on workshops, and presentations. Most are on site. For this production, the subjects are:  "Breath of Kings Readings" on March 1st, "Such in the Breath of Kings" on June 15th, "Wordplay - Showcase" from July 7th- September 1st. The aim to create discussion and conversation in the community about the festival's season and to encourage the spread of information and education.

Conceiver, Adaptor and Associate director: Graham Abbey
Director: Mitchell Cushman
Director: Weyni Mengesha
Set designer: Anahita Dehbonehie
Costume designer: Yannik Larivee
Lighting designer: Kimberly Purtell
Composer and sound director: Debashis Sinha
Fight director: John Stead
Assistant director: Bronwyn Steinberg
Assistant costume designer: Caitlin Luxford
Assistant costume designer: Francesca Callow
Assistant lighting Designer C.J. Astronomo
Associate fight director: Geoff Scovell
Stage Manager: Maxwell T. Wilson
Assistant stage manager: Katherine Arcus
Assistant stage manager: Zeph Williams
Apprentice stage manager: Gregory McLaughlin
Production stage manager: Judy Farthing
Production stage manager: Janine Ralph       

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