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“Gin & Tonic Productions embarks on its first European Tour with a brand new Shakespearean tragi-comedy: BOB - the play that Shakespeare would have written, could have written but never got round to writing. The eclectic mix of farce, cabaret and satire, live jazz and Kanye West is certain to make you slap your knee and guffaw like Elizabeth I watching traditional Shakespeare comedies.  Scandinavia is in crisis! While Sweden is hit by an apocalyptic incident, Ikea’s manuals having dramatically biodegraded, the ambitious Lady Bob takes over Finland by an unscrupulous coup d’etat.  Will her naive husband Bob, now puppet ruler of Finland, manage to save Scandinavia from his wicked wife and her devoted squad of murderous nuns and finally become a hero worthy of the bard?” –Gin & Tonic Productions, website descriptions

Gin and Tonic Productions

Artistic Director: Elske Waite
PR, Marketing and Tour Manager: Marion Bretagne
Sponsorship and Fundraising Manager: Joshua Zitser
Production and Technical Manager: Harriet Visick

Paddy Wilmott and Rufus McGrath: Bob
Esmée Cook: Lady Bob/Betty Rope
Sian Davies: Sieglinda/Sister Greta
Nathanial Brimmer-Beller: Bill Anchor
George Prove: Ephiphany Wellington Smyth/Sarah
Ben Horner: Siegfried/Siegmund.                                          

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2016 Tour Dates and Locations:
July 14-19, 2016 as part of the Festival Off d'Avignon, Avignon, France

July 26-30, 2016, Above the Arts, Arts Theatre, London's West End, England        

August 4-23, 2016 C cubed, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Selected Reviews:
Young Perspective review (5 stars): "The number of quirky Shakespeare productions at Fringe is slightly abominable, from modernisations, to musicals to gender swapping; original ways to approach the bard are fast running dry. But this offering from Gin and Tonic Productions is everything one wants from a Fringe show: extremely original, hilarious, devised and bursting at the seams of their doublets with energy and enthusiasm. The trick with this telling of Shakespeare’s apparently long forgotten masterpiece ‘Bob’ is that it has just enough reference points with the original works to feel familiar, and to poke fun at theatre students everywhere, while really not being Shakespeare at all (because having the whole cast in ruffs doesn’t actually make it Shakespeare despite popular misbelief)."

The Student Newspaper review (4 stars): "a wilfully silly and yet unpretentious take on Shakespearean drama with some fabulous performances from a talented and versatile young cast... a gem of a show"

All Edinburgh Theatre review (3 stars): "Shamelessly broad and totally daft, Bob, Gin and Tonic Productions’ parodic take on Shakespeare at C Cubed, is decidedly hit-and-miss. However, it has enough enjoyment and anarchic humour to more than pass muster."