Bard by the Beach Festival, Morecambe

Bard by the Beach: Morecambe Shakespeare Festival
Presented in English   
Morecambe, United Kingdom
April 22-24, 2016

Morecambe’s first Shakespearean festival is set to run over the weekend of Shakespeare’s birthday. Alongside theatrical performances there will also be music, dance events, art and poetry readings. The theatrical productions include: Twelve Nights; Romeo and Juliet; Shakespearean Murder Mystery; Puck’s Dream; A Shakespeare Gallery; Henry V; The Tempest; and The Play’s the Thing.

Twelve Nights (Manchester Shakespeare Company)
Romeo and Juliet (Rubbish Shakespeare Company)
Shakespearean Murder Mystery (After Dark Murder Mystery Events)
Puck’s Dream (Tony Howes)
A Shakespeare Gallery (The Rose Company)
Henry V (Drama Factory)
The Tempest (Attic Door Productions)
The Play’s the Thing (Attic Door Productions)

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Funding and Sponsorship:
Little Gargoyle Ltd and Morecambe Town Council