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Bad Shakespeare
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“Nature versus nurture? Are villains born or bred? Can they ever find true redemption? Theater OCU explores Shakespeare's most villainous characters - Macbeth, Iago, Aaron, Tamora and Lady Macbeth - and asks the question: what is bad Shakespeare?” --description from Fringe programme

This exploration of Shakespeare's villains focused on, among others, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Iago, Tamora and Aaron, and Angelo from Measure for Measure.

Theatre OCU
Written by the cast (students of Oklahoma City University's BFA acting course), and directed by D. Lance Marsh.                        

Tour Dates and Locations:

August 5-10, 2016
Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe

August 26-27, 2016
Black Box Theatre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

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Selected Reviews:
BroadwayBaby review (4 stars): "Something of a misnomer, 'Bad Shakespeare' does not reflect the quality of the acting or of the performance... 'Bad Shakespeare' is a fantastic way of whetting the critical faculties and engaging with the darker aspect of the world’s most performed playwright, with the help of an extremely talented group of students who handle the material very proficiently in a fresh and chillingly captivating manner."

British Theatre Guide review (3 stars): "although well done and well researched, they present their characters as bad without the finesse and sympathy of the inclusion of the “why”. Shakespeare gives us plenty of opportunity to sympathize and empathize with Shylock, Richard III and Macbeth."