As you Like It, Stratford, Canada

As You Like It           
Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Festival Theatre
Performed in English
2 hours 56 minutes, including intermission
May 16-October 22, 2016
(Opens June 3)

Jillian Keiley - Director
Bretta Gerecke - Designer
Leigh Ann Vardy - Lighting designer
Bob Hallett - Composer
Don Ellis - Sound designer
John Stead - Fight director
Christine Brubaker - Associate director
T. Erin Gruber - Assistant set designer
Michelle Bohn - Assistant costume designer
Kaileigh Krysztofiak - Assistant lighting designer
Geoff Scovell - Associate fight director
The. John Gray - Stage manager
Krista Blackwood - Assistant stage manager
Marie Fewer-Muncic - Assistant stage manager
Katie Honek - Assistant stage manager
Margaret Palmer - Production stage manager
Cynthia Toushan - Production stage manager.                                               

Director Jillian Keiley's production integrate’s the audience into the performance itself. She has set As You Like It in her native Newfoundland, and audience members are encouraged to participate in the performance. 

Audience participation is one way that makes this production unique and experimental. Spectators will be given props to use during the evening, are encouraged to wear light colored clothing, and those seated in the gallery are welcome to come an hour before curtain to learn the dance "Running the Goat," to later perform it on stage with the cast. To involve younger generations, Keiley has included Stratford Festival's "Prologue" program, which teaches school groups to perform the dance. Additionally, anyone ages 8-14 can submit an original poem for Orlando to pin to the trees of Arden.

The theatre has regularly scheduled "forums," throughout the run. These range from discussion panels, to tours, to hands-on workshops, and presentations. Most are on site. For this production, the subjects are: "One Man In His Time" on June 8th, "Art and Arden" on June 26th, "Table Talk - Jane Freeman" on June 28th, "Newfoundland Preserves" on August 10th,  and The Door You Came In Showcase," August 28th - September 28th.The aim of these events is to create discussion and conversation in the community about the festival's season and to encourage the spread of information and education.

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Funding and Sponsorship:
Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, M. Fainer, the Harkins/Manning families, Claire & Daniel Bernstein.