As You Like It, Shanghai Theatre Academy

As You Like It
Presented in Mandarin (with English subtitles)
Spotlites, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival                 
August 13, 2016        

“From award-winning director Nicholas Barter comes a 1920s Chinese inspired version of Shakespeare’s much loved comedy performed by the Shanghai Theatre Academy. This production is a must-see and will reinvigorate one of Shakespeare’s best plays with traditional Chinese elements, including stunning colourful Chinese costumes and classical music played on the vertical bamboo flute.” --description from Fringe programme               

Part of the official programme commemorating the 400th year anniversary of the deaths of Tang Xianzu and William Shakespeare.          

Directed by Nicholas Barter
Performed by third year students of the Shanghai Theatre Academy.            

A free performance was also given at Goldsmiths University, London, before the production travelled to Edinburgh.

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Selected Reviews:
Eda Theatre Blog review: "Directed by Nicholas Barter and performed by the Shanghai Theatre Academy, As You Like It is a retelling of Shakespeare’s play set in 1920s China. The play celebrates the 400th anniversary of the deaths of Shakespeare and Chinese playwright Tang Xianu, continuing the poets’ legacies. By focusing on the changes in China as it entered the 20th Century, and how these influenced clothes, music and tradition, Barter emphasizes the themes of change in the play... In cross-cultural adaptations of Shakespeare’s work, it is always fascinating to uncover what elements companies attempt to focus on and how this affects the understanding of their culture and interpretation. For the students of Shanghai Theatre Academy, the emphasis is on the humour in the play, but also the strong female friendship displayed in it, which highlights the empowering changes in early 20th Century China."