As You Like It, Aalborg University Shakespeare Company

As You Like It           
Aalborg University Shakespeare Company
Performed at Det Hem'lige Teater in Aalborg, Denmark
Performed in English

Opening date: March 19, 2016
Performed from March 21, 2016  to March 25, 2016
Closing date: March 25, 2016

As Aalborg University Shakespeare Company is an amateur theatre group, most of our creative team - in addition to creating the frame work for the play - performs on stage as well. Creating costumes and building the set is something all members participate in, with the creative team being key persons who envision, dictate and create the settings in which the company create a Shakespeare experience.

Director: Jens Damborg Jensen
Producer: Heine Knudsen
Costumier: Anne Bruun Jensen
Set designer: Janus Olesen 

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We set up a Shakespeare play once a year, in the easter holiday. Each year at our AGM, all members can present a play they want to direct and we take a vote to determine which play we would like to set up. We perform at Det Hem'lige Teater in Aalborg and we are very grateful that we are allowed to visit and use the theater every year.

Funding and Sponsorship:
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, AAU (Henrik Halkier)