A Fool's Paradise: 30 Shakespeare Scenes in 60 Minutes

A Fool's Paradise: 30 Shakespeare Scenes in 60 Minutes
Presented in English
Venue 13, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival                 
August 6-12, 2016

“Four actors race to perform Shakespeare's greatest hits. You, the audience, play Shakespearean BINGO to choose what scene comes next and keep the actors on their toes. Call out favorites such as Romeo & Juliet's balcony bliss, Lady Macbeth's blood cleansing sleepwalk or one of our more “liberally interpreted” alternatives. 30 scenes will be performed in 60 minutes...or someone gets a pie in the face!” --description from company website.

Valiant Flea Productions
Adapted, Directed and Produced by Sarah Curnoles
Stage Manager and Associate Producer: Arrenvy Bilinski
Performed by Lisa Hodsoll, Sabrina Sikes Thornton, Logan Davidson and Jenna Rossman

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BroadwayBaby review (4 stars): "If you’ve ever fancied watching Pericles being summarised in two minutes, or wondered what Timon of Athens was like performed by sock puppets, then A Fool’s Paradise is for you. Audience shout-outs dictate which scene is performed when, with everyone in competition with each other to complete their Bingo sheet. On the day I attended, the audience was made up of all ages, and everyone laughed a great deal throughout, myself included."

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