6th Shakespeare Festival, Buenos Aires/VI Festival Shakespeare Buenos Aires

6th Shakespeare Festival, Buenos Aires/VI Festival Shakespeare Buenos Aires      
Presented in Spanish, Portuguese, English                
February–April, 2016
Buenos Aires - San Isidro municipality, Tecnópolis park, British Art Centre (British Council)

“From Buenos Aires, the city that celebrated Latin America's first Shakespeare festival, we kick off a series of activities, tributes, celebrations and festivals... commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. There will also be an equivalent number of events related to the works of Cervantes... who died on the same day and year as Shakespeare.”

The festival has activities for families, university students, school students, adults, actors, English and non-English speakers.

Fundación Romeo, Patricio Orozco

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The festival put on a performance of Twelfth Night for children in Ciudad Oculta, an 'emergency town' in Buenos Aires, on Sat February 27th at 10.30am.

“Theatre is inclusive and opens up a world of possibilities for the participation of children alongside their families...”



Funding and Sponsorship:
British Embassy Buenos Aires, British Council, Fundación Romeo